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Meet Rene Godefroy

Rene helps people from all walks of life to destroy their limitations, false beliefs, and social conditioning. If  you worry you might end up spending the rest of your life stuck, you will his coaching very liberating.

He was once an extremely shy, introverted and sick kid in an impoverished village in Haiti. He arrived in the US with five dollars, two shirts, one pair of pants, and unable to speak English. For years, he was stuck struggling as a broke immigrant.

Today, he is the best-selling author of the award-winning book Kick Your Excuses Goodbye. He also an international keynote speaker, trainer, and master success coach sharing stages with global leaders.

His mission in life is to help others realize their miseries and problems are inventions of the mind. They can manipulate reality to turn those problems to opportunities.


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What Is Life Coaching?

When you are stuck inside a bottle, you cannot read the label on the outside. You need someone from the outside to read it for you.  Think of the bottle as a metaphor. It represents the false stories we keep telling ourselves over and over.

A coach can read the label for you to help you shift your paradigm. You always show up with the problem and solution bundle together. But, they solution is often invisible. Simply put, a coach makes the invisible visible.

Who needs a coach?

Everybody. What do you think the Hollywood celebrities, presidents of countries, top athletes, and top CEOs have in common?

The all have coaches! They all rely on someone to read the label for them. A master coach will help you with your focus and clarity so you can achieve more. 


How long does it take?

The process takes about 3 months. We will first work on your mindset so you can enter the field of possibilities instead of focusing on lack and limitations. Then we start breaking down the problem like peeling an onion to render it irrelevant. We meet once a week on Zoom or Skype for a total of 12 weeks.

Is coaching like therapy?

The answer is no. In therapy, you get to change the situation. But, our coaching is designed to completely remove the situation and replace it by a more desirable one. So, we don’t spend time on age regression or past.  And we don’t make you a lifetime customer. We give you the tools to eventually be your own coach.