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Breakthrough Coaching

Are You Struggling Either In Your Relationship, Business, Or Career? I’m 100% Confident I Can Help You Resolve Your Challenge!

The Answers Are Within You!

You already have the internal resources to handle any challenge! But, when we are stuck inside our stories, it’s extremely difficult to access our internal resources. A good coach can definitely help you do so. Get some help.

Life Without Difficult People

Hard-to-get-along people can stress you out. They can make your life miserable. Do not allow yourself to be like a puppet in their hands to pull your strings on command. Let’s take your power back and reclaim your freedom. 

Free Master Class to Solve Your Relationship Problems

Are you dealing with a lot of conflicts in your relationship with co-workers, significant other, family members, or friends? Take our free masterclass. You will learn how to stop others from triggering your emotions. You don’t need that kind of stress in your life. Right?

Coaching Services For Those Who Want to Breakthrough Their Fears And Insecurities.

What is life coaching?

When you are stuck inside a bottle, you cannot read the label on the outside. You need someone from the outside to read it for you.  Think of the bottle as a metaphor. It represents the story we keep telling ourselves over and over.

A coach can read the label for you to help shift your paradigm so you can have a more empowering and positive story in your head about your situation.

Who needs a coach?

What do you think the superstars in sports,  Hollywood celebrities, presidents of countries, and top CEOs have in common?

The all have coaches! They all rely on someone to read the label for them. Having a coach does not mean you are not smart. In fact, all the answers should from you. A master coach will help you with your focus and clarity so you can access your internal resources. 


How long does it take?

The process takes about 8 weeks. We will first work on your mindset to make sure you have clarity and focus on exactly what you want to accomplish during our sessions. Then we start implementing. After 8 weeks, you decide whether you want to keep me on a retainer, pay as you go, or terminate our coaching relationship.

Is coaching like therapy?

The answer is no. Therapy is about the past. The therapist would do some kind of age regression with you to uncover the past that is holding you back. It takes lots of visits. In some cases, it might be a year or two years before you can get any results.

On the other hand, a master coach is not concerned about your past. He or she just need to understand the process or the strategies that got where you are. The coach uses a mothod that is called chunking down and chunking up.



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About Me

My area of expertise is in helping individuals break free from the shackles of fears, doubts, and insecurities. They are often in a dilemma and caught in what is called the illusion of no alternatives. They feel stuck in a dead-end situation.

My job is to reframe their situation and help them acquire new beliefs. I speak from a depth of experience in the trenches.

I was once an extremely shy, introverted and sick kid in an impoverished village in Haiti. I arrived in the US with five dollars, two shirts, one pair of pants, and unable to speak English. For years, I was stuck and didn’t see away out.

Today, I’m the best-selling author of the award-winning book Kick Your Excuses Goodbye. I’m also a keynote speaker, trainer, and coach sharing stages with global leaders. Some of my clients Fortune 500 companies such as Aflac, AT&T, Coca-Cola, And Verizon Wireless.

The strategies I share with my clients to help them solve their problems and overcome their challenges are what changed everything for me. They can do the same for you.

I have a proven framework that can rapidly help you experience a breakthrough so you can get unstuck and move on to bigger things in life. Coaching and guiding others to resolve their inner conflicts and tap into their personal power is my passion.