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Most people spend their entire lives worrying about what might happen. As a result, they miss out on living a good life. 

They wake up in the morning and greet the negative news on television or the newspaper. When they come across something positive, they dismiss it. 

Whenever something spectacular or positive happens, they say, “This is unreal!” Reality to them is supposed to be bad things. 

Negative people always have a negative radar looking for what’s wrong. They gotta have their depression fix. They thrive on sadness. If they go a day without something to worry about, they will start worrying about that.

The sad truth is, they will fabricate something to depress them. Those are the same who tend to get mad, depressed, and angry when where there’s a fatal situation. 

Instead of doing something to help the people involved, they would rather get pissed at the world. Simply put, they waste their energy on the dark side of the situation. That same energy could be useful to help a lot of people.

See Things As They Are

Those same people never look at things and events as they are. They have to make them worse than they are. 

Most of my coaching clients come to me with some made up stories in their heads. They would start telling me how bad things are and why they are stuck.

The truth is, they are always making a mountain out of molehills. They take an event and make it worse than it is. Some of them are worried about what might happen five or ten years from today.

People make them sick over something they imagine. I would often my clients, “Is it true that you just told?” They would pause and say, “No. But, it might happen.” Really?

Do you see what’s wrong with this picture? Someone is under heavy stress worrying about what might happen. In the meantime, stress is making them physically sick. 

You probably have heard, “A coward dies of a thousand deaths.” That is so true!

People who are constantly afraid and worry a lot tend to make a lot of trips to the doctor. 

There are so many stories of people who die from panic. Later, they found out it’s the fear that actually kills them. If they didn’t panic, they would be able to survive.

Let me ask you this: What are you worrying about? What is it that’s been troubling a lot and keep thinking of the worse?

Ask yourself this question whenever you have a negative thought that is stressing you out: Is this really true? Am I 100% this will happen to me?

I promise you. You will quickly realize that you are making yourself sick for no apparent reason. 

The thing is, your worries are not just affecting you negatively. They affect everyone around you. They impact your relationships in a negative way. 

The takeaway is, see things are they are. Don’t thems worse than they are. Don’t keep adding. Don’t keep amplifying. You will live a long, healthy and happy life. 

Finally, if you are worried about anything please share it with me here. In many cases, just expressing what’s troubling alone can make the situation better.