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Too much noise out, there are too many distractions. I’ve been trying to stay awake. Have you heard that we are living in the attention economy?

Yeah, the attention economy means there are companies spending billions of dollars to capture your attention and to capture my attention, all those billions of dollars just to make sure you are not in yourself, in your own mind, to make sure that you are actually out there.

We are like puppets, that they can pull our strings anytime they want to pull our strings. They can just drop some kind of conspiracy theory, and then we just take it and run with it.

And we get so upset. We get so mad, we get angry. We want to fight. We share it with everybody, and we don’t even know where is the source of it? What is the power behind closed doors that’s actually doing this to us?

You see countries in a country that would have a civil war. Half of the people would rise against the other half, and they start fighting, killing each other, like destroying each other completely. And in about a month or three months, you don’t even recognize a country.

And the people doing it think actually it’s their own doing. And you’re probably going to say, really? Well, come on, man, not me. Hey, I’ve got a mind. I’ve got a brain. People cannot control me. They cannot make me do what I’m not supposed to do.

Really? Good luck!

I mean, even the people who are doing it, they confess that they’re to fall for it. Is that creating a monster and nobody is in charge of the monster? Do you want to know what’s the name of that monster.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

That’s another conversation for another time. So if you think it’s not you, you are in charge of your mind. Hey, no more power to you. Have you noticed how we are so connected yet?

We are so disconnected. We’ve got the computer, the desktop. We have the laptop, we have the iPad, we have the cell phone and all kinds of gadgets and different things that we are so connected to out there.

It’s that connection that creates that disconnection, all the division distractions and conflicts. That’s because of all that connection we get to be in everybody’s business or who has the best of this? Who is making the most money, the nicer we got entangled in all of that out there.

I have a friend who said to me, when I come on, man, I don’t want to get on Facebook.

And for years he resisted being on Facebook. He said it’s just too much because of all that I’m talking about. You know what they do? It’s almost like everything you do offline, every group you’re trying to be a member of or you try to join everything.

Like if you are a golfer, you want to join this group. But somehow this group, they force you to be able to have a Facebook account so that you can log in because, hey, that’s where the group meets on Facebook.

And so you are supposed to. Be there, but anyway, my friend did not because he wanted to be part of a group and now he is addicted. He can’t even help himself now. Do you see where I’m coming from in my absence?

I’ve been doing a lot of deep thinking, thinking about really thinking. I’ve been thinking about thinking right.

Like what’s going on here? Why am I doing the things I’m not supposed to do and don’t do the things that I’m supposed to do, like Paul said in the Bible. And that’s when I begin to discover what’s going on out there.

People are suffering. Rich people suffer. Oh, really rich people with all that money. Yeah, they suffer. Poor people suffer.

Have you ever wondered why somebody who is a celebrity with so much money, with millions of fans all over the world?

They love and adore that person, but that celebrity still commits suicide. Have you ever wondered what’s going on? Yeah, we are all suffering no matter who we are. Something else I’ve been thinking about having thinking about why is it that everybody is trying to.

Fix everybody, like everybody is doing a Facebook live or on Instagram or on YouTube, they are alive, they are giving advice because, hey, something is wrong.

We have to fix other people. They really want to make a difference in the world. But what about us?

What about making a difference? In our own lives. In essence, that’s what I’ve been doing, I’ve been like, you know what, Renee? Yeah, you don’t have the answers. You think you have the answers.

You are speaking. You are trying to change lives. But what about you? And that’s for everybody. It doesn’t matter what kind of preacher, what kind of celebrity, what kind of speaker, what kind of guru that you are.

Right. We are all suffering. Right.

That’s the question. What about making a difference in our own lives? The question is, why are we so busy trying to be out there giving advice to other people? Well, I think it’s because we are trying to escape.

Our on reality, who we really are. Have you ever thought about that? And, so I’ve also been coaching a lot of people, and I don’t really like the word coaching because, well, I don’t have another word to replace it yet.

My coaching clients come to me as. Teachers and students. See why I don’t like the word coaching. I am the teacher, I am the student at the same time, they are the teacher, they are the student at the same time.

My coaching clients also come to me with the problems and their solutions bundled together. In essence, well, the question is, why do you get paid? Why do they pay you? Well, they pay me for my time and what I really do with them for them.

I make the invisible visible. That’s what I do. So I guess that’s why they pay me. But in coaching other people, that’s when I discover how much suffering the people are suffering. Right.

And they are suffering from the illusion of reality.

Because, you know, they think all that, all the miseries, all the suffering, waking up in the middle of the night, worrying about so many things, they think those things in their heads are real.

And sometimes, you know, particularly now people think I’m a little kind of like crazy. Right? I’m saying like illusion of reality. And people are not used to anything like that. They like what’s going on with them now, right?

Because we feel like our pain are suffering and all the drama that we have in our lives, we feel like they are concrete.

They are real. Of course, they are real, they are real in your head, they are real in my head.

My job is to make the invisible visible after I go to the first phase of the coaching and suddenly they would realize, oh, you are right, it’s the illusion of reality. And so the same problems, the same issues, the same things that would make them go crazy, like in their head.

Suddenly, those same things look perfectly OK, they can be with them, they can live with them and still not lose their temper, still not be angry or mad. Needless to say, yeah, I’ve been focusing on myself, but it’s not just for myself.

It’s also for the benefit of others. I don’t want to go out there and be part of the noise, make noise, noise, noise, noise, noise with alive. This is, you know, like just like giving advice, write videos and stuff which becomes part of the noise.

I just want to center myself to really steady myself and to really clear the fog for myself so that I can see clear enough to help other people see it’s all in your head. It’s all your making. You are creating it all well.

Know you are talking about social media, but you are using it. What can I do? I have to go where the people are, where there is no bridge and people are confused, they are distracted, they are out there sort of like we are.

All I say, we like zombies. I have to go there and say, hey, wait a minute, now this is what’s going on. So that’s why I will continue to use. Social media and I had to really think about it, because I’m not 100 percent sure if one day I might maybe wake up and delete all my accounts.

The jury is still out. All right. Take care. Have a good one. I look forward to talking to you. Not a time.